How long is a piece of string?

It is a classic question isn’t it. Intrinsically a piece of string has length but that length is unknown, so how do we truly answer that question.

As a response from us here at Buildtech Homes, very rarely are two builds ever the same. As we don’t have a square metre rate, because there are many variables that need to be thought about when building a new home, renovating or extending.

Things like, but not limited to –

  • What are the site conditions?
  • Are there any Council or Corporate Bodies requirements?
  • What services are available and where are they?
  • Consider the design and layout of the home?
  • What materials and finishes do you want?

With a custom home design, you are not choosing a house design, specifications, or scope of works that has been built before, so you need to consider all the costs involved before you begin. A helpful place to start can be separating your must-haves from your ‘wants’, so your budget can be reduced if necessary. Don’t forget Buildtech Homes is a custom home builder, and with that we offer flexibility, we work with our clients to create a solution to meeting the most importance factor in any build, and that is meeting our client’s budget.

So, when you are looking to set your budget, ask yourself a few of these questions –

What is your end goal? Is your new home going to be a family home or an investment property? Will it be your forever home or are you simply updating as your family’s needs have changed? Do you need to think about where you will live whilst your building? These are all important factors to consider when you are determining your overall budget.

Setting a realistic budget for your project is key to an enjoyable building process. When you are ready to discuss – ‘how long your piece of string is’, get in touch with the team at Buildtech Homes.