Nothing is more exciting than building your very own dream home. No longer must you put up with lack of room for the kid’s toys, the dingy outdated bathroom, or tiles that don’t go with the counter tops in the kitchen. Now it’s your turn to call the shots.

From the roof tiles to the window frames and garage, this is your home to build, and you certainly want to choose the perfect home builder in Sydney for the job.

Building a home is a huge and important, life changing decision. It’s an expensive and time-consuming affair, but once you have a vision of what you want your home to look like, it’s time to turn that dream home into a reality –  and the only one who can make that happen is a home builder. So, time to consult the all-knowing Google. So many ‘experts’ are staring at you from the hallowed digital screen. But how do you know which builder is the right for you?

Despite this being such a milestone event, people often make the mistake of not doing enough research in the right areas when choosing a builder and find themselves in all sorts of trouble down the track. For example, by choosing a builder who isn’t experienced enough or, worse still, isn’t registered, licenced or insured to do the job. To save yourself time and money you need to spend time assessing your options – and you do this by asking the right questions. Sure, look on the internet but also check out local directories, and speak to family and friends for references. Chances are you will get a chance to see the builders handy work firsthand. Once you have narrowed down your list, you should personally meet the builders and have a chat with them.

When you do, to help make life easier, here are five essential questions you should ask when choosing new home builders in Sydney:

1. What are your qualifications?

You should always check your tradesperson holds the right licence for the job.

NSW Fair Trading research into licensing reveals that some consumers are at risk because they do not actively check that a tradesperson is licensed before they hire. The research shows that 80 percent of homeowners think licensing is important, but only one in 10 go to the Fair Trading’s website to check if a tradesperson is licensed or not.

You should only deal with a contractor who is currently licensed by NSW Fair Trading.

It is also I good idea to check how long they have been building for – the more experience the better!

2 Can you offer references that I can all?

A reference can help you decide whether you want to push through with the builder’s service or not. So, do not hesitate to ask potential contractors to give you their references. Once the builder gives you a reference, give them a call right away. Ask about their relationship with the builder, how the building progressed, and if they encountered any issues during construction.

3. Who will supervise the work?

A contractor doing a large job may get a supervisor to manage the project.

Make sure the supervisor has:

  • Enough experience in the type of work you want done and
  • A current Supervisor Certificate from NSW Fair Trading or;
  • Their contractor’s licence is appropriately endorsed.

4. What does my contract include

The contract you sign with the home builder is binding, so everything on it needs to be agreed upon and understood by both parties. As the owner, make sure you thoroughly read and understand what you’re signing up for, and if there are any technical terms you don’t understand, clarify them before you lock yourself in the agreement. The contract should include factors such as the scope of the work – this is a comprehensive description of the builder’s services, timeline of the project completion, and payment terms, including the cost and payment schedule.

In many cases, after the construction begins, homeowners wish to make a few changes in the plan. You need to factor that in and ask if there is any flexibility regarding plan variations. If they agree, make sure it features on the contract.

5. Do you provide a Warranty

A warranty is reassuring, and you deserve to get that peace of mind when you’re working with a new home builder. Whether it be cracks in the tiles or a faulty air-con unit, warranties are meant to save you from unforeseen issues that may occur after you move in. Most of the structural warranties are valid for a period of 6 years after completion. So, find out how many years of warranty your chosen builder provides and everything it covers.

At Buildtech Homes, we understand that selecting the right home builder is a tricky business. We are defined by quality and service and we have helped people realise their dream of building their dream home for over 20 years. You dream it, leave the hard work to us.



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