award winning

What Does Going With An Award – Winning Builder Mean For You

Industry Awards aren’t uncommon. Most good Companies these days have been recognised with at least one or two Awards from their Industry Association.

But as a Client, what do Awards mean for you?

Here’s our take on it;

Awards are like asking for a Third-Party Self-Assessment. When our Projects or Company get nominated for an Award, we’ve asked a group of Industry Professionals to analyse and scrutinise our work.

As a Client, an Award can be viewed as a Third-Party review of our work by Professionals who know the industry through and through.

We fill out lengthy applications, supply huge amounts of information and attend interviews that allow the Judges to compare the very best in the industry, it is alot of work for all parties involved.

However, the reason we value these Awards so much is that it gives us honest feedback on how we’re doing. It’s like getting truly honest feedback from a Client. It can shower us with compliments and make us feel good. But it can also identify opportunities for improvement.

It helps us refine our systems and processes to provide you, our Client, with better service and a better product.