Why you can’t TRUST a Square Meter Rate…

The average Builder will throw a Square Meter Rate at you when giving you the cost of your Build. They simply take the total cost of the Build and divide it by the total floor-space of the home, excluding the land. For a large number of clients’ it seems their key focus is simply cost per Square Metre.

That’s why here at Buildtech Homes, we don’t offer ‘A square metre rate’, as there are so many of factors that affect how much it costs to build a house, or to add on additions.

Site costs – is your land on a sloping Block? As-well as the specifics of your home, such as Materials used, quality of Inclusions, Design and Layout, make it impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all figure.

Examples to consider;

A “Standard 4 Bedroom” home may get Quoted at $1500 per Square Meter

      • Do you know the soil classification and the impact it may have on Engineering Design, Footing Design and Building Structure?
      • Would you like to include any Ecological and Self-Sufficiency Features?
      • How much extra will the provision of services on-site and connections cost?
      • Is the site Urban, Regional or Remote?
      • What about potential Environmental considerations?
      • What about your preference for Kitchen Design and Lay-out?
      • Have you selected Floor Coverings or Finishes? Bathroom and Ensuite Layout & Design?
      • What about Ventilation, Heating and or Cooling Systems?
      • Were Double Glazed, Thermally Broken Windows included?
      • What about Electrical? How many GPO’s are you getting?

Also, the cost of Square Meter is going to be a lot higher for a Kitchen or Bathroom than the cost of an empty room. Therefore, those calculations can quickly become inaccurate, especially if you are planning a large Kitchen with Butler’s pantry or multiple Bathrooms.

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